Thermoelectric materials

Efficient thermoelectric bulk and thin-film materials

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Magneto- and electrocaloric materials

Cooling without refrigerants

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Development of thermoelectric modules

Thermogenerators and peltier coolers

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Thin-film technology

TE-converter of thin-film technology

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Development of measurement technology for functional materials

Measuring and exploiting material characteristics

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Heat transport: simulating, understanding and using efficiently

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Expertise »Thermal Energy Converters«

From a single source: from materials to tailor made solutions

The »Thermal Energy Converters« business unit focuses on manufacturing and optimizing materials with special physical properties. These materials form the basis for a wide range of systems:

  • thermoelectric materials for the direct conversion of waste heat into electricity
  • magnetocaloric and electrocaloric materials for efficient refrigerant-free heat pumps and cooling systems