Zero-defect production thanks to CNN technology

Inspection of continuous material

Forming of continuous material is susceptible to defects. The cold forming of wire rod prior to drawing, for instance, results in wear of the dies. Defects in the surface of the wire are therefore a common occurrence in the subsequent production process. Inline inspection systems developed by Fraunhofer IPM are capable of detecting micro-defects for the first time during production and in real time. High-end camera technology for industrial use is combined with embedded data processing. The measuring heads are constructed to bear up against the tough production conditions.

The »WIRE-HR« inspection system fully examines the wire surface at feeding rates of up to 30 m per second, thus reliably detecting and classifying even point defects with a size of 50 μm in real-time. Measurement data generated during this process amounts to approx. 6 GBit/s, making it virtually impossible for the user to manually assess the data. In an automated process, »WIRE-HR« classifies the defects and transmits them to a data base together with information on the wire position measured by an encoder, thus enabling fully automated system and quality control.