Microscopy within seconds: automated microscopy systems for demanding measuring tasks

Inline microscopy

Fraunhofer IPM develops microscopy systems for specific measurement tasks, which work under rough conditions and in difficult environments.These fully automated systems measure fast and precisely and can be used for inline inspections during production processes. Measurement systems by Fraunhofer IPM come into play where standard solutions wouldn't work: e.g. for fast inspections of large, flat areas. The system detects defects in micrometer ranges or components of specific shapes in a matter of seconds.

Our scientists are experts in all common microscopy procedures. Wherever possible, we use commercially available microscopes and upgrade these systems in order to develop specific systems. Lighting, mechanical and electrical interfaces as well as the software for data interpretation are optimized according to customers' requirements. The results are inline-capable systems for extreme conditions, e.g. for measurements in vacuum or under cell culture conditions.