High-Fidelity Archiving of Culture: securely and in true Color

Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM

Color Microfilm Recorder

The secure long-term storage of documents is a core task for libraries and archives. As digital data storage is associated with high risks, even today archivists are still using black and white microfilm when it is necessary to safeguard archived materials permanently. If the original is lost completely, however, it is not possible to reconstruct a high-fidelity, true-color copy with the monochrome medium.

Fraunhofer IPM has developed a color laser microfilm recorder with which the digitized documents can be archived for the long-term while remaining faithful to the original. The workflow process involved is linked to existing digitization processes and is structured so that high quality and color fidelity are guaranteed with the minimum expenditure on time.


  • Professional archiving, above all in libraries, archives (e.g. also in commercial photo archives), museums
  • Preparation of backup copies in the event of complete loss of electronic data
  • Secure, true-color, high-fidelity long-term archiving of digitized documents and digital data (text files, image files) on color microfilm from fields such as medicine, finance and administration
  • At the same time as exposure on microfilm is taking place, the workflow process also permits simultaneous use and processing of digitized data in digital networks.

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