Group Thermoelectric Systems

The group’s research focuses on thermoelectric modules and systems, also for high temperature processes. Our activities range from system construction for demonstrators to functional testing on our own test beds or in the field to simulation calculations and validation measurements for optimally designed thermoelectric modules. The team draws on many years of experience in materials and module development, measurement technology, simulation processes, system construction and material analysis.

One of the group’s core areas of expertise is the semi-automatic production of thermoelectric modules. These modules are used as thermoelectric generators for waste heat conversion, e.g. in small combustion plants. In addition, they can be used as Peltier modules in cooling applications where extremely precise temperature control is needed.

Peltier cooling

  • Highly precise temperature control for processes and components
  • Materials optimized for use at specific temperatures
  • System solutions tailored to the requirements of the customer and the application

Using waste heat in furnaces

  • Thermoelectric modules for low electric output
  • Self-powered operation of electrical system components
  • Self-powered measurement technology and control engineering for low-emission operation

Waste heat recovery

  • Thermoelectric modules for high-temperature applications
  • Conversion of waste heat into electricity in combustion engines and industrial processes
  • Thermoelectric modules to improve the electric efficiency of combined heat and power plants

Analytics for components and materials

  • Non-destructive structural, thermal and electrical analytics of components and materials
  • Innovative 3D computer tomography: analytics chains, failure analysis, live and in-situ examinations (also of fluids within components)