Group Airborne and Underwater Scanning

The main research foci of the group are the development of lightweight optical measurement systems for use on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and the adaptation of LiDAR technology for capturing 3D data of large underwater structures. Our UAV scanner systems use time-of-flight measurement techniques to measure distances to objects with high accuracy and generate three-dimensional data in combination with cameras. This makes them suitable for condition monitoring of construction sites, buildings, bridges, or vegetation areas. In the future, remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV) equipped with our LiDAR systems will be used for surveying underwater constructions such as pipeline foundations and offshore wind farms. The systems will also be able to detect acute damage, for example on bridge piers, caused by natural hazards such as flooding. The group is also working to develop lean 3D measurement technology solutions based on low-cost and consumer products, e.g. smartphones.

Airborne systems

  • Measurement systems (laser scanner and cameras) weighing under 2.5 kg
  • Measurement precision 1 cm, typical distances of up to 100 m
  • Measurement frequencies of up to 60 kHz
  • Position measurement using visual odometry as well as positioning and orientation systems

Underwater measurement systems

  • 3D surveying with subcentimeter resolution, even in turbid water
  • Measurements irrespective of light conditions and depth
  • Measurement frequency up to 40 kHz, scanning frequency 800 Hz
  • Measurement distance up to 40 m (depending on the turbidity of the water)
  • Stationary and mobile surveying

Systems based on consumer electronics

  • Mobile 3D detection of construction sites and excavation pits
  • Using smartphones or tablets for data acquisition
  • Georeferencing via GNSS or ground control points
  • User interfaces adapted to user scenario

Data preparation

  • Fusion of 3D and 2D data incl. positioning and texturizing
  • Derivation of metadata from texturized 3D-data
  • Automation of surveying tasks