Tailor-made modules for the efficient use of waste heat

Components and modules

In order to economically convert waste heat into electricity, a cost-efficient module manufacturing process is required. Fraunhofer IPM develops and produces modules for thermoelectric and caloric systems. We create thermoelectric modules for specific applications in a wide range of sizes and designs based on chalcogenides, silicides, skutterudites and half-Heusler alloys.

Heat pipes are another key component for systems which use waste heat. We develop heat pipes to meet thermoelectric as well as caloric requirements. Designing heat pipes as thermal diodes enables them to transport 100 to 1000 times more heat than massive bodies of the same dimensions, which makes them better conductors of heat than any other known material.


Development of thermoelectric modules


Magneto-, electro- and elastocaloric systems


Heat pipes and peltier coolers