Heat pipes and Peltier modules

The cooling and temperature control of components and systems is playing an increasingly important role, particularly in the field of electronics. We develop thermal management solutions based on heat pipes and Peltier coolers.


Heat pipes

Heat pipes are highly effective at transferring heat, making them particularly suitable for hot-spot cooling in electronics. We can develop and characterize heat pipes of various designs according to individual requirements.


Switchable heat pipes

For future applications including electromobility, thermal switches need to become more efficient and cost-effective. We are researching new concepts for heat switches based on heat pipes.


Peltier modules

We produce Peltier modules in small batches on a partially automated module production line. Aside from module production, we also develop, build and characterize Peltier-based systems for specific applications.

Publications »Heat pipes & Peltier modules«

YearAuthor/Title/SourceDocument Type
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Conference Paper
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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