Simulating, understanding and optimizing complex thermal systems

Simulating and modeling

Fraunhofer IPM has many years of experience in simulating thermoelectric modules and thermal systems. We draw on this experience to build thermoelectric systems for converting waste heat to electricity and also to design Peltier modules for thermal management. Modelling helps to ensure the optimal integration of these modules into electronic component systems.

Taking significant temperature variations into account, we are able to calculate material stresses using thermomechanics, and therefore analyze breakdown mechanisms with an eye to the future. This expertise is complemented by our specialist knowledge in the field of caloric materials. On this basis, we have been able to construct models of magnet systems with high magnetic fields of over 1 tesla using permanent magnets.

This allows us to design, calculate and construct complex thermal systems and permanent magnet systems according to individual customer specifications.

We use our scientists’ expertise coupled with our experience in experimental research to optimally design our own components, demonstrators or prototypes and to validate them experimentally. We also offer this to our customers as a direct service.

Important applications for modeling include:

  • calculation of material and module efficiencies
  • thermal coupling of modules to the ambient conditions
  • calculation of optimized component geometries
  • influence of material parameters on the performance of modules and systems