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Peltier elements

Thermoelectric Peltier elements are used as heat pumps for cooling and precise temperature regulation in many industrial sectors, as this technology is characterized by rapid response times, high temperature stability and a wide temperature range. The maintenance-free Peltier elements also operate noiselessly and without vibrations.

Materials, modules, systems – this is what we offer

Fraunhofer IPM draws on over 20 years of experience in the field of thermoelectric generators and Peltier elements, from material and module development to measurement technology, simulation methods and system construction.

We manufacture small series of free-form Peltier modules, including modules for the high-temperature range, on our in-house module production line. As a customer, you benefit from our comprehensive expertise in the field of thermoelectric materials such as bismuth telluride and half-Heusler alloys as well as our extensive experience in the assembly and connection technology of modules and systems.

We can test your own products as well as commercially available modules and dispose of a range of different measuring setups, for example for the precise characterization of the thermoelectric properties and long-term stability of modules. On behalf of our customers, we carry out non-destructive analyses using 3D computer tomography as well as phase analyses using a scanning electron microscope, including the preparation of micrographs.

Aside from the production and characterization of individual modules, we develop, build and characterize customer and project-specific system solutions, from prototype to implementation. We use suitable simulation tools to specifically match individual system components to each other, and we build on many years of experience in the construction and thermal coupling of the modules.

Thus, we cover the entire production chain, from the design and preparation of basic components to a complete, quality-assured system.

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