What’s that floating in the liquid?

Liquid analysis

Fraunhofer IPM is involved with various technologies for the analysis of liquids. The principal methods employed are optical techniques such as spectroscopy (UV, MIR), attenuated total reflection (ATR) and polarimetry. In addition to these, sensitive materials such as zeolites are also used for special assignments, including measuring the condition of oil.

Our measurement systems analyze liquids in industrial processes – if required even without the customary extractive sampling. This not only makes it possible to conduct online monitoring but also permits effective process control. Miniaturized broadband spectrometers for example, enable different hydrocarbons in leachate or industrial wastewater to be detected selectively and without sampling. These spectrometers work with either fibers of silver halide or an ATR-crystal.


Publicly funded projects in the field of »Liquid analysis«

Project »Oil monitor«

Compact sensors for an extended life of high-end industrial oils

Project »ATR Beverages«

Online analysis system for determining quality-related constituents of beverages, suitable for use in processes