Project »Oil monitor«

Compact sensors for an extended life of high-end industrial oils

Industrial oils are subject to aging and are therefore replaced at specified intervals. As a rule, those intervals are based on the worst possible scenario for security reasons. Whether the quality of the oil actually is inadequate is not taken into account. This not only results in avoidable costs. An unnecessary oil change also impairs the ecological balance sheet of technical systems, machines and engines. Doubling the average service life of industrial oils would mean reducing its consumption by half.

Sensor technology plays a crucial role in this context: by permanently monitoring the degree of degradation of industrial oils during operation, change intervals can be adjusted according to need which would enable. Constant oil monitoring could additionally prevent damage to the machines and enable predictive maintenance. Within the context of the project, cutting-edge sensor technology for monitoring industrial oils will be developed.

Project fincance

The project is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing, Baden-Württemberg.