Air quality monitoring

Fraunhofer IPM develops measurement technique for monitoring air quality in a variety of applications. The spectrum ranges from complex spectroscopic systems to miniaturized sensors. These systems are also used to measure exhaust or particle emissions (fine dust) from motor vehicles. For many pollutants there are legally defined limits of environmental impact, meaning that the concentration of a substance in a given space – for example in the passenger compartment of a car – may not exceed a certain value. This requires special, compact measurement technique that is sensitive to concentrations of certain substances down to the ppb range. In addition, ever stricter worldwide regulations and standards demand new technologies to reduce exhaust emissions.

Indoor air quality monitoring

Monitoring air quality in small spaces such as the interior of cars requires small and lightweight sensors that use little energy. Most commercial sensors, however, are comparatively large and heavy – and they consume a lot of energy, making them unsuitable for mobile applications such as air quality monitoring in passenger compartments. Fraunhofer IPM develops and builds compact, energy-saving gas sensor systems with measuring ranges from a few ppb to the percentage range.

Publicly funded projects in the field of »Air quality monitoring«

Project »ESEE«

Innovative sensors for efficient buildings


Project »CETIEB«

Novel sensor for optimized indoor climate