From concept to measurement system

Simulation of fluid dynamics in measurement cells with long optical path lengths

From concept to measurement system

Thermal simulation for the development of sensor structures

Simulation and algorithms

Fraunhofer IPM is experienced in the simulation of physical processes, especially thermal simulations. A focus is on coupled phenomena such as temperature, electricity or fluid transport in Peltier coolers or 3-Omega sensors. We are using tools such as MathCAD and Mathematica or Comsol Multiphysics for »Finite Element Models«.

Current research focuses on the topic of heat transfer in connection with fluid transport in geothermal heat exchangers as well as heat management in microstructures and complex electronic set-ups.

Geometric data forms the basis of such simulations and is fed to the simulation tools via CAD interfaces. Various kinds of flows are simulated, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD), electrical or thermal flow, impact of thermal effects on the mechanic properties of a component, or the interaction of these effects.

Our know-how also includes expertise in the simulation of optical systems using »Ray Tracing« and »Wave Optic« methods. Chemometric methods are used to process measurement data. With the complexity of the spectroscopic technique employed and the amount of data recorded, the relation of these readings back to the basic state parameters such as concentration, composition or processing condition is getting more and more challenging. Fraunhofer IPM has many years of experience in the multivariate analysis of large data quantities delivered by spectroscopic systems and develops mathematical models to determine the production state and to regulate process parameters, such as in quality control.

In the most straightforward case, chemometric analysis is restricted to the determination of concentration ratios of pure substances from a mixed spectrum by means of a simple linear adjustment. In the typical, more demanding cases, we use complex multivariate techniques such as principal component analysis (PCA), principal component regression (PCR) or also support vector machines (SVM) in order to characterize and identify products.

Fraunhofer IPM integrates chemometric data processing into the development of optical systems at an early stage and is able to provide important findings already during the design phase, also in conjunction with optical simulations.