Airborne detection of complex structures

Lightweight systems on mobile platforms.

Aerial Mapping

Due to the rapid technical progress Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are becoming more and more attractive for the civil sector. Measurement systems carried by UAV capture large areas and complex structures fast and efficiently.

The Modular Lightweight Measurement System MLM was developed by Fraunhofer IPM for application on airborne platforms. Its outstanding feature is its capability to orient itself without external referencing systems such as GNSS. Thus, the system is also suitable for measurement of shaded and complex structures with poor or no GNSS reception.

A possible field of application for this system is the prediction of geological hazards. The aim of the project  »MulDiScan« for example is to improve the prediction of geological hazards and thereby creating the basis for preventive measurements. For this purpose, scientists need high-quality measuring data of large areas, which are difficult to access in order to detect geometrical changes of structures. This can be realized with MLM-systems.

The MLM system makes an ideal platform for development and research due to its modular hardware architecture and open software interfaces.