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Laser scanners for surveying road environment and road surfaces

Measurement techniques for the road

Fraunhofer IPM develops optical measuring systems to measure the road environment and the road surface. High-resolution laser scanners combined with fast image processing provide measurement data on longitudinal and transverse evenness and crack density of the road surface. Based on this data, maintenance work can be planned specifically. Measurement data on the road environment, converted into 3D or 2.5D models, are used to model cities and their traffic flows or to plan infrastructure expansion. In many cases, Fraunhofer IPM offers software for automated data evaluation in addition to measurement technology.

Our systems record measurement data down to the submillimeter range at driving speeds of 80 kilometers per hour and more - precisely and reliably. Fraunhofer IPM measuring systems for road condition monitoring are in operation worldwide.


Press Release / 18.11.2019

Federal Highway Research Institute uses PPS-Plus

The Pavement Profile Scanner is part of the latest measuring vehicle MESAS of the Federal Highway Research Institute BASt. The research vehicle records the condition of road surfaces and the substance of the asphalt surface and thus provides the basis for optimum maintenance planning. After extensive test runs, regular operation now begins. 


Press release / 11.10.2018

Software supports optimized route planning

Deutsche Telekom AG will optimize the planning for new fiber-optic cables in the future using infrastructure data it collects itself. To achieve this, the company is investing in optical measurement technology with automated data analysis.

Press Release / 7.5.2018

Swedish Study: Top Score for Pavement Profile Scanner



Building and construction surveying with laser scanning technology

Topics: Automated object regocnition in 3D data, data acquisition from the air, sensor concept for tunnel inspection.



Fraunhofer IPM is member of the Fraunhofer Traffic & Transport Alliance.

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