Road Environment

Construction planning, inventory, maintenance: We supply the data

Our urban infrastructure is constantly changing: buildings are being built or demolished, trees and shrubs are growing or being pruned, environmental influences lead to a constant change of characteristic object parameters. Construction projects can only be carried out efficiently if current and reliable environmental data is available.

For cost reasons, most construction measures today are usually planned on the basis of existing but often outdated data (e.g. cadastre). In the rarest of cases, current data is acquired and included in the planning process, although this promises a great deal of added value. The measuring systems from Fraunhofer IPM record environmental data easily and cost-effectively.

Mobile Urban Mapper MUM

With its Mobile Urban Mapper MUM, Fraunhofer IPM offers the complete integration of several high-end measurement systems into an integrated workflow for the fast acquisition of 2D and 3D data of the environment. MUM is a modular system that can be tailored to the respective task. It comprises for instance our high-end 360° laser scanner CPS with up to 2 million measuring points per second and scan frequencies in the range of 10 to 200 Hz at a distance resolution of 1 mm. An integration and synchronization of several such scanner heads is easily possible. Several high-resolution cameras are used for texturing the point cloud with RGB information. State-of-the-art positioning technology such as DGPS, IMUs and odometers enable precise calculation of positon and posture of the mobile platform, thus delivering a consistent, geo-referenced point cloud.

Fully automated data evaluation
In general, the data collected with mobile mapping systems is evaluated manually. With its 3DAI »Deep Learning Framework«, Fraunhofer IPM takes a step towards automated data evaluation: The framework provides evaluated image data in the form of previously defined 3D object classes.