Smart data visualization

An optimized basis for decision-making: Data visualization replaces manual inspection

Visualizing measurement data is often the most effective and intuitive way for people to gain insights about multi-dimensional, complex data which are acquired in high bandwidth. Decisions can be made more quickly and more reliably on the basis of measurement data which are clearly visualized. There is an urgent need for new concepts for visualizing measurement data. The accuracy of 3D data supplied by modern measurement technology is on the rise and the sheer amount of data to interpret is following suit. Ever higher-performing and increasingly mobile devices are opening up innovative new opportunities for data preparation and are capable of processing vast volumes of data.

The work conducted at Fraunhofer IPM focuses on the application-specific optimized visualization of measurement data. This extracts the information necessary for reliable decision-making from the measurement data and displays it in an intuitive format. We develop software for visualizing measurement results and findings generated automatically from measurement data, for example with regard to street surface and environmental data.


Visualizing surface and environmental data

Displayed on mobile devices, visualized measurement data provide a sound basis for on-site decision-making.


Synthetic ANN training data for the road environment

Artificial neural networks (ANNs) can be trained cost-efficiently using synthetically created training data.