Laser Scanning: 3D profile via distance measurement

Point density according to need: High point density yields high spatial resolution. Broad distribution of measurement points for surveying large spaces in a short time.

Mobile laser scanning

When combined with a beam deflection procedure, the one-dimensional distance measurement produces a two-dimensional surface section or a 3D profile image. The resulting images are a spatial arrangement of distance measuring points. This is termed a point cloud, which, like a virtual plaster cast, represents a three-dimensional reproduction of the surface analyzed. Depending on the speed of the individual measurement and the beam deflection, the measuring points may be very close to one another and hence achieve a high level of spatial resolution or be distributed over as broad a range as possible in order to survey large spaces in a short time.


Safe & reliable

Our laser scanners are eye-safe and designed for application in public spaces!



November 14 - 15, 2018


Technology Workshop Mobile Laser Scanning

The next workshop is scheduled for November 2018.