100-percent control of the configured workpiece

Comprehensive 3D measurement in the machine tool

The manufacture of precision components requires accuracies that even the most modern processing machines cannot reliably deliver. For quality control, the components must therefore be measured accordingly precise. This is typically done with coordinate measuring machines in special measuring chambers outside the machine tool. This tactile measurement is cumbersome, slow and possible only in random samples. And what is even worse: After the test has been carried out, the workpiece must be set up again in the machine for any necessary reworking.

The optical sensor HoloCut developed by Fraunhofer IPM now provides a remedy: It measures the freshly machined component surface directly in the machine tool. During the measurement, the workpiece can remain set up, the measured values can be fed directly into a control loop for post-processing. In its HoloPort version the system operates without the need for cables.

Process errors are thus identified directly on the processing result and corrected immediately by feedback to the production process. For the first time ever, the HoloCut measuring system enables true 100-percent quality control in the production process.

For 3D in-line measurement, the system uses digital multi-wavelength holography. By using a flexible mechanical interface, it can be integrated into many existing machine tools. Measuring fields of a size of 20 x 20 mm² can be measured. The surface topography is recorded with high precision from the micrometer to the millimeter range, and with unprecedented measuring speed and robustness.


Miniaturization and integration of the holographic sensor were financed by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung gGmbH.