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State-of-the-art high-power LEDs are subject to high stress, both thermal and mechanical, as the result of substantial electrical load cycling.

Dynamic imaging deformation measurement in the sub micrometer range#

Fast and imaging deformation measurement

Material processing by welding or cutting bears the risk of introducing stress or strain into the surrounding material. They reduce the value of the component considerably since they lead to expensive reworking. To measure and control such deformations on the micro- and nanometer scale, Fraunhofer IPM develops fast and robust techniques suitable for material testing as well as for measuring machine elements or electronic circuits under operation.

Measurement of axial deformation by Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI)

A micro-deformation measurement system from Fraunhofer IPM detects minimal changes to a component’s topography very quickly, two-dimensionally and down to the nanometer range. This allows even slight changes or deformation of the component surface to be measured precisely, even at high production speeds. Such deformations may occur when the object is subjected to mechanical or thermal loads. The system is based on the principle of electronic speckle interferometry (ESPI). The great advantage of this measurement technique is its accuracy in the nm range in axial direction.

Strain measurement by digital image correlation (DIC)

For material testing, Fraunhofer IPM together with Fraunhofer IWM has developed a digital image correlation system (DIC) that combines the advantages of both, optical and mechanical extensometers: It works contactless, marker-free and with a frame rate of more than 1 kHz, enabling fast strain-controlled fatigue measurements at temperatures of up to 1000 °C. The GPU-based algorithms evaluate 25,000 local strain and displacement measurement points per second. This allows for real-time full-field evaluations of 10 Hz under mechanical or thermal stress – e.g. for crack detection.


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