High-precision inline 3D measurement

Measuring three-dimensional surfaces with small 3D structures is a challenge for industrial measurement technology. Common optical procedures such as stripe reflection, laser triangulation or white-light interferometry are too imprecise, too slow or insufficiently robust for many inline measuring assignments. The HoloTop measuring system developed at Fraunhofer IPM uses digital multiwavelength holography for rapid 3D inline inspection. Today holographic measurement processes are primarily used in microscopy in the laboratory. In contrast to this, the sensors developed by Fraunhofer IPM can be used to measure an area of 20 mm x 20 mm. Here the sensors measure the topography of surfaces from the micrometer to the millimeter range – and do so with unprecedented speed and robustness.

100 percent production control for precision turned parts

On behalf of Werner Gießler GmbH Fraunhofer IPM developed a fully automated inline inspection system for precision turned parts. At second intervals, the system inspects the sealing faces of precision turned parts no larger than a thumbnail – these faces being found in 70 percent of the common rail injection systems of truck diesel engines worldwide.

Light: Advanced Manufacturing 2, Article number: 15 (2021) / 5.7.2021

Overview: Digital holography in production

In an LAM article, our experts provide an overview of the possibilites for industrial application of digital holography with multiple wavelengths – from its first application in the production of sealing surfaces for the automotive industry in 2015 to current use in high-precision processor manufacturing.

»KI innovation competition Baden-Württemberg« / 2.2.2021

HOLO-KI: KI-based quality assurance of precision turned parts

As part of its AI innovation competition, the state of Baden-Württemberg is supporting a total of 44 projects from SMEs, with the goal of overcoming technical obstacles to the commercialization of artificial intelligence (AI). The HOlO-KI project is one of three projects of the innovation cluster.


»Inline application of
digital holography« in OSA Applied Optics

An article on »Inline application of digital holography« by Markus Fratz, Tobias Beckmann, Joachim Anders, Alexander Bertz, Markus Bayer, Thomas Gießler, Christian Nemeth and Daniel Carl has been ranked among the ten top downloads in Dec 2019.



Customer interview

»Two steps ahead of competition«

Thomas Gießler of Werner Gießler GmbH about an inline inspection system for precision turned parts.


Joseph von Fraunhofer award 2017

Markus Fratz, Alexander Bertz and Tobias Beckmann (from the left) were awarded the Joseph von Fraunhofer award for the development of holographic measurement technology for inline-measurements.