Fast material analysis of surfaces and coatings

Two systems: ANALIZEsingle and ANALIZEmulti

ANALIZEsingle determines the thickness of coatings from the analysis of a single laser pulse by comparing the spectral signatures of the coating material and the component material from a single spectrum. ANALIZEsingle accurately measures the thickness of coatings to ± 10%. Layers of 1 nm to 1 μm in thickness are investigated by this method. ANALIZEsingle is offered as a laboratory and inline test and inspection system.

ANALIZEmulti uses many laser pulses, which are applied to the spot of the component in a very fast sequence, so that the element distribution as a function of depth is gradually detected. Thus, a complete analysis of the composition of coating and workpiece material and the thickness of the coating is achieved. ANALIZEmulti measures the thickness of coatings with an accuracy of ± 5%. Layers of 500 nm to 50 μm in thickness can be tested. In addition, multilayer systems can be fully characterized with this method.  


Typical fields of application

An application example is the testing of metal layers on metal or plastic components, such as galvanic copper coatings for electronic assemblies. In addition, corrosion protection coatings on metals can be tested. Many other functional layers such as passivations, finishes or protective coatings can be characterized quickly and reliably in this way.

In combination with surface scanning, it is possible to record the homogeneity of the coatings. ANALIZEsingle is also suitable for integration into production lines.