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We characterize thermoelectric components.

We characterize thermoelectric components

Measurement of thermoelectric materials and modules

Fraunhofer IPM is a world leader in the field of thermoelectrics. Take advantage of our knowledge of thermoelectric materials, simulation facilities and measuring systems. We offer customized solutions for your contract measurements, with the following measuring stations and techniques in our laboratories at your disposal:

  • Electrical conductivity and Seebeck coefficient at various temperatures via
    • IPM-SRX-1100K
    • IPM-RT Seebeck
    • IPM-RT autoscreen
    • IPM-ZT meter
    • Ulvac ZEM3
  • Thermal conductivity via Netzsch with LFA 457 laser flash apparatus
  • Thermal conductivity via the 3Omega (IPM-3Omega 80-700K) and the time domain thermo reflectance method (IPM-TDTR)
  • Heat capacity via Netzsch differential scanning calorimetry, DSC 204 F1
  • Charge carrier mobility via IPM-Hall
  • Electrical conductivity via IPM-RT
  • Linear thermal expansion with Netzsch DIL 402 C dilatometer
  • ZT determination online from 300–900 K with IPM-ZT meter including:
    • electrical conductivity
    • Seebeck coefficient
    • thermal conductivity
  • Characterization of module parameters:
    • contact resistance,
    • open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current,
    • total efficiency
  • Surface characterization via REM, EDX and EBSD
  • Thermal decomposition via Netzsch STA 409 CD Skimmer
    • simultaneous thermal analysis
    • coupling with quadrupole mass spectrometer