Technology consultancy

Experts in all fields of measuring technology work at Fraunhofer IPM. They are closely interlinked with many research and development establishments and have access to all the relevant databases – from primary scientific literature to patents. We will be only too pleased to employ the knowledge and abilities of our staff in the fields of physics, chemistry, information technology and engineering sciences to perform technology consultancy and technology functions on behalf of our clients. Depending on the individual commission, we do not restrict ourselves to the theoretical aspects but also provide practical help in mastering the problems identified.

Analysis and evaluation of measurement systems implemented or designed


  • Is the measuring technology selected the best possible option for the problem in hand?
  • Is data processing at an optimum?
  • What limits and what systematic errors is the measurement system subject to?
  • Is there potential for improvement?  

Often we find that measurement systems in production or in terminal devices have been in operation for many years without modification, whereas the requirements are continually rising so that the systems run up against their limits. We analyze whether the basic measuring approach is still valid, where the fundamental barriers for the measuring parameters of the existing system lie and whether it is possible to increase the efficiency of the systems.

Maintenance and upgrades for existing measuring systems


  • Do you have missing spare parts for existing systems made to measure?
  • Can systems be upgraded by replacing hardware or software?

If, for any reason, the manufacturers or suppliers of spare parts for any measuring devices in use are no longer able to deliver, the result is often unnecessarily high costs for the procurement of entire replacement machines. We offer you the option of analyzing whether the deficits that have occurred can be remedied by special production of the spare parts. If required, we develop and produce the special mechanical components and specific electronic circuitry required in house. In some cases, it may be useful to increase the performance of existing systems by modification: developments in electronics, photonics and information technology continue at a rapid pace. The replacement or amendment of individual parts in a measuring system can bring about a significant increase in performance.

Technical advice for founders and investors in connection with business ideas in the fields of optics and material sciences


Does the company’s technical development on which the business idea is founded offer any benefits in relation to the current state of the art? Are any obstacles to be expected during implementation, e.g. of a technical nature or in the field of patent law? – We are actively involved in advising firms ranging from the DAX-listed companies to business start-ups on matters concerning the evaluation of technologies. A statement by Fraunhofer IPM carries weight, e.g. as information for the company to present to its own clients or investors or simply as a means of examining and validating its own corporate strategy.