Hanover Exhibition Center  /  October 25, 2022  -  October 28, 2022


26th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition


Fraunhofer Booth

Hall 027, Booth E81

Our Topics:

F-Scanner for coating inspection
© Yanfeng Zhang/Jier North America
F-Scanners 1D with laser protection shield installed in the manufacturing line of a stamping plant. The two scanner units capture sheet metal blanks of up to four meters in width.

At the fair, we will be presenting the F-Scanner 1D, a scanning fluorescence inspection system for 100-percent imaging coating and cleanliness detection of 3D parts. For inline measurement, the components, e. g. formed body components, are moved forward on a conveyor belt. Passing the measuring system, the scanner detects the components’ surface point by point. The measurement data is processed in real time and displayed on a monitor as an image. The data provides quantitative information on lubrication, on filmic or particulate contamination, and on the coating quality of the component.