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Our topics

Laser scanners and lighting or camera systems developed by Fraunhofer IPM detect three-dimensional geometries and the location of objects. These devices take measurements at high speed and with high precision, particularly from moving platforms. Fraunhofer IPM presents its measuring systmes for 3D measurement of large structures as well as concepts for automated data interpretation and classification.

Fraunhofer IPM focuses specifically on speed, robustness and long service life of the systems and efficient data evaluation. The systems scan objects and shapes over a broad size range: from tenths of a millimeter to into the 100-meter range. The measuring systems are in operation all over the world – for monitoring rail infrastructure and for measuring road surfaces. New applications include mobile data recording from the air, in water or by handheld systems.

Framework for Automated 3D-Data Interpretation

Today, infrastructure is surveyed by using cameras or laser scanners. The acquired data is generally evaluated manually. Fraunhofer IPM has developed a »Deep Learning Framework« which automates this process. The trained system is delivered as an executable program for Windows or Linux. Interfaces are adapted according to customers’ requirements.

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Camera image and evaluated measurement image: Colored segmentation masks mark the forms of the identified objects.

Mobile Urban Mapping

3D mapping of cities
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Efficient 3D mapping of urban surroundings by a system that combines cameras, laser scanners, positioning and orientation systems. DOWNLOAD