Fraunhofer IPM serves the entire 3D data process chain – from robust systems capturing three-dimensional geometries and the location of objects on to data analysis and data visualization. We present our new underwater laser scanning system for the efficient inspection of underwater infrastructure:

ULi - a LiDAR system for underwater

The laser-based LiDAR system ULi (Underwater LiDAR System) from Fraunhofer IPM inspects large underwater structures using the time-of-flight method, which has been adapted especially for use in turbid water. The measuring system records 3D structures over distances of up to several tens of meters. This means that the range of ULi in turbid water is at least three times larger compared to other optical systems. The resolution is in the sub-centimeter range and is thus at least ten times higher than that of sonar systems. In addition to the measurement technology, the scanning system includes novel algorithms for fast and reliable data evaluation and data interpretation.


3D-AI software tool for automated 3D data interpretation

3D-AI is part of a comprehensive end-to-end process chain for the evaluation of 2D and 3D measurement data. The software combines artificial intelligence and 3D geometry based object detection. We customize 3D-AI by adding object classes or adapting the software to further data sources and outputs.