Hybrid Conference  /  September 06, 2020  -  September 09, 2020

Sensing with Quantum Light 2020#

Since 2018, scientists have been meeting annually to present their results on the use of new »quantum concepts« for imaging, measurement technology and spectroscopy.

This year, the international workshop will take place online. In addition, there is a "presence hub" near Berlin, with a program of more than 35 lectures on basic and applied aspects.

The use of infrared spectroscopy for gas analysis is an important field of work at Fraunhofer IPM: At this workshop we will present our current results in the development of a Quantum Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (Q-FTIR). In Q-FTIR special quantum states of light ("entangled photons") are used to measure infrared spectra without infrared detectors. The concept is to be used in new infrared spectroscopy techniques.