Production Control

More information about our business unit »Production Control« is available for download below.


Track & Trace by Fingerprint

A novel concept for product traceability relies on the component's individual surface microstructure as marker.



3D inline measuring technology.

Fast and imaging deformation measurement

Electronic speckle interferometry for deformation measurement with nanometer precision.


F-Scanner: Surface inspection

Large-area inline inspection of surface cleanliness and coatings.



Measuring Surface Defects and Surface Cleanliness in High Resolution


Imaging oil film measurement

A fluorescence scanner detects the thickness and homogeneity of oil films and dry lubricants on metal sheets during production.


Fast strain measurement

A new strain measurement system for quickly performing material tests.



Imaging Inline Analytics beyond the visible spectral range


Wire HR

Automatic optical inspection of wire production.

Diagnosis by rapid test

Biochip readers analyse blood fully automatically right in the physician's office.

DNA analysis system

Compact Analyzer for PCR and Hybridization With Real-time Detection.

Cell monitor

Automated microscope for continuous cell monitoring

CellCultivator: The cell factory

Automatically cultivate, analyze and select cells.