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»We measure fast and precisely.«

Fraunhofer IPM develops tailor-made measuring techniques, systems and materials for industry.

MoLaS – Technology Workshop Mobile Laser Scanning

November 23 - 24, 2016

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electronica 2016, Messe München, November 8 - 11

We present our latest developments in the production control: image detection of micro deformations in real time, large-area inline inspection of surface cleanliness and coatings, measurement of micro deformation as well as track & trace without markers.

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Annual report 2015/16

The report provides insight into our research activities by presenting selected projects.

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Our Business Units


Business Unit

Production Control

We analyze surfaces and 3D structures of components quickly and with micrometer precision. This means that 100 percent production control in real-time is possible.


Business Unit

Functional Materials and Systems

We manufacture and optimize materials with special physical properties. These materials form the basis for systems for magnetic cooling, thermoelectric energy harvesting or for novel lasers with adjustable wavelengths.


Business Unit

Object and Shape Detection

We detect the three-dimensional shape and position of objects and large structures at high speed and with high precision. Measurements are taken predominantly from moving platforms.


Business Unit

Gas and Process Technology

We develop and manufacture measurement systems for gas and liquid analysis which feature high precision and reliability even under extreme conditions. The scope ranges from laser spectrometers for exhaust gas analysis to energy-efficient gas sensor for  food quality monitoring.


Business Unit

Materials Characterization and Testing

We use terahertz and millimeter waves for measuring layer thicknesses and detecting defects in ceramics, plastics or composite materials. Measurements are conducted non-contact and without harmful radiation.


Contact Wire Inspection System (CIS) – an all-rounder

At the InnoTrans 2016 trade fair Fraunhofer IPM is presenting its new Contact Wire Inspection System (CIS). The CIS records the vertical and horizontal position of up to ten contact wires at the same time while also measuring their degree of wear – contactlessly and at speeds as high as 350 km/h.

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New Pilot Production Facility for Thermoelectric Modules

Thermoelectric generators convert waste heat to electricity. This makes production processes more efficient, makes autos more economical and ultimately cuts CO2 emissions. There are many arguments in favor of using this technology but, to date, more widespread use has been hindered by the complex and thus expensive process of manufacturing the modules. This could now be a thing of the past: Freiburg’s Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM, in Germany has commissioned a semi-automatic pilot production facility for thermoelectric high-temperature modules, a facility that is unique worldwide.

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Marker-free component tracking in the production process – project »Track-4-Quality« is launched

The function and longevity of expensive component groups and finished products depends on the quality of their individual components and semi-finished products – even if these cost just a few cents. In the context of the »Track-4-Quality« research project, Fraunhofer IPM together with partners develops a cost-effective, marker-free tracing procedure for mass-produced parts.

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»7th International Workshop on Terahertz Technology and Applications« – Call for Papers

The »7th International Workshop on Terahertz Technology and Applications«, jointly organized by Fraunhofer IPM and the Division Optical Technologies of the VDI/VDE Society Measurement and Automatic Control (GMA), will take place from March 15 to 16, 2016 at Fraunhofer IPM in Kaiserslautern. Abstracts may be submitted until October 31, 2015.

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Annual Report 2015/2016


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