Applications »Thermal Energy Converters«

New technological approaches for greater energy efficiency

Increasing energy efficiency is an essential building block for achieving climate targets.

In the »Thermal Energy Converters« business unit, Fraunhofer IPM develops efficient and environmentally friendly cooling systems, heat pumps or thermoelectric modules and generators. These are used, for example, for the direct conversion of otherwise unused waste heat into electricity and for efficient cooling without environmentally harmful refrigerants.

We are also working on the development of new types of heat pipes and thermal switches for the efficient and passive cooling of electronic components.


Efficient cooling and heating without harmful refrigerants

Caloric cooling and climate control technology has the potential to fundamentally change today's predominantly compressor-based cooling technology.  


Thermoelectric waste heat recovery

Using thermoelectric technology, waste heat can be directly converted into the higher-value energy form of electric current, silently and without moving parts. Large quantities of waste heat are generated in many processes.


Peltier cooling

Thermoelectric Peltier elements are used as heat pumps for cooling and precise temperature regulation. For our customers we develop, build and characterize specific system solutions – from prototype to implementation.



Thermal management

We offer consulting, simulation, fabrication of prototypes as well as component and materials characterization with respect to thermal management.


Components and materials inspection

We cover the entire process chain when it comes to analyzing the microstructure of materials and components. This involves investigating conventional as well as functional materials.


Emissions reduction

Fraunhofer IPM offers innovative concepts for fine dust separation – based on electrical separators that do not require any passive filters at all.