Waste heat recovery

Exploiting waste heat with thermoelectrics

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Energy self-sufficient sensors

Sensors provide their own power supply

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Heating & cooling systems without harmful refrigerants

Magnetocalorics - cooling technology for the future

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Thermoelectric temperature regulation

Smart & cool: cooling with thermoelectric modules

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Hotspot cooling for electronics

More power - more waste heat

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Applications »Thermal Energy Converters«

Discovering new technological approaches for energy efficiency

Increase of energy efficiency is essential in view of achieving the climate objectives. In this regard, functional materials with all their outstanding properties can make an important contribution in this context.

In the »Thermal Energy Converters« business unit we develop efficient and environmentally friendly cooling systems, heat pumps and thermoelectric generators on the basis of innovative functional materials. These are used for turning hitherto unexploited waste heat into electrical energy or for efficient cooling without harmful refrigerants, to name but two examples.

Beyond this, we are working on the development of novel heat pipes for efficient and passive cooling of electronic parts.