HE-Lab: Harsh Environment Laboratory

HE-Lab: Testlabor für Sensoren unter extremen Umgebungsbedingungen
© Fraunhofer IPM
Im Harsh Environment Laboratory testen wir Sensorkomponenten und Sensorsysteme unter extremen Bedingungen.
HE-Lab: laboratory for sensor testing under extreme thermal stress and pressure
© Fraunhofer IPM
Highly integrated electronic components for use in industrial environments have to withstand extreme pressures or temperatures. In its HE-Lab, Fraunhofer IPM tests the sensors at pressures of up to 2500 bar and temperatures of up to 250°C.

For use in harsh environments, sensors must be particularly robust. Fraunhofer IPM has a specially developed measurement laboratory for the development of such sensors and systems. In the »HE-Lab«, we test individual components and complete systems under extreme conditions, e.g. at high temperatures and pressures, on behalf of our customers.

Measuring station specifications

  • Pressure: up to 2500 bar @ 200 °
  • Temperature: up to 250 °
  • Working medium: wate
  • Specimen size
    • Component test stand: DM 30 mm x L 130 m
    • System test stand: DM 120 mm x L 1000 m
  • Readout of measurement data during measurements possible

You are developing sensors that have to function under extreme conditions? Then take advantage of our highly specialized measuring station and our know-how in sensor development. Please feel free to contact us.