Systems »Production Control«

The Production Control business unit's product portfolio comprises a large number of optical methods and systems for the measurement and analysis of surfaces, coatings and 3D structures. The systems measure fast and very precisely - even under the challenging environmental conditions of industrial production and with a view to 100 percent quality control. We adapt our systems individually to the respective measuring task for use at the customer's site and thus continuously develop the technologies deployed.

ANALIZEmulti - Laserbasiertes Verfahren zur Schichtdickenmessung
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Laser-based system for measuring coating thickness and determining the element composition of multilayer coatings.

The fully automatic system ANALIZEmulti measures the thickness and element composition of layer sequences and multilayer systems on a random sample basis.

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ANALIZEsingle Laserbasiertes Verfahren zur Schichtdickenmessung und Elementanalyse an Bauteil-Oberflächen
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Laser-based technique for thickness measurement and element analysis of component coatings down to less than 1 nm layer thickness

ANALIZEsingle measures the thickness and element composition of surface coatings - as inline or laboratory systems.

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Freifall-Inspektionssystem F-360° zur 100-Prozent-Qualitätsprüfung von Bauteilen (Beschichtungen und Verunreinigungen)
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Free-fall inspection system for 100 percent quality control of component surfaces (coatings and impurities)


The imaging AOI system checks the thickness or mass coverage of component coatings and detects unwanted impurities on component surfaces using fluorescence measurement technology.

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F-Scanner Inline-Prüfsystem zur Kontrolle von Oberflächenreinheit und Beschichtungen
© Fraunhofer IPM


Inline inspection system for detection of filmic and particulate impurities with high resolution.


The imaging fluorescence measuring system detects impurities and geometrical defects on components during production.

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HoloCut: Der digital holographische Sensor misst die Topographie von Beiteiloberflächen direkt in der Werkzeugmaschine.

HoloTop NX

3D inline measuring system for integration into the machine tool


The digital holography measurement system HoloTop NX enables 100 percent quality control of components directly in the machine tool. In its HoloPort version the system operates without the need for cables.

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© Fraunhofer IPM


Digital holographic system for optical gear measurement


HoloGear captures the entire surface of gear geometries with high precision, thus enabling 100 percent control of gearwheel geometries.

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3D digital holography for manufacturing processes
© Tobias Beckmann/Fraunhofer IPM


3D inline system for measuring the surface structure of components with micrometer precision during production


The digital holographic measuring system HoloTop captures the surface of components with micrometer precision during production.

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Freifall-Inspektionssystem zur 100-Prozent-Qualitätsprüfung von Bauteilen (Geometrie und Oberflächendefekte)
© Holger Kock/Fraunhofer IPM

Inspect 360°

Free-fall inspection system for the comprehensive 100 percent quality inspection of component geometries and surface defects


The imaging AOI system examines components for surface defects and geometrical deviations with an accuracy in the 10 to 50 micrometer range. Thanks to the free-fall concept, the system operates without component handling and the need for hardware adaptation.

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Track & Trace: Optisches Verfahren zur Rückverfolgung anhand von Bauteil-Oberflächen
© Fraunhofer IPM

Track & Trace Fingerprint

Optical method for marker-free tracking and tracing of components

Track & Trace uses the individual surface microstructure (Fingerprint) of a component as a marker and thus enables traceability of mass-produced components at reasonable costs.

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Optisches Inline-System zur Defekterkennung in der Drahtproduktion
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Optical inline system for 100 percent defect detection in wire and metal ribbon production.


The camera-based system detects even tiny defects on the entire wire surface at feeding rates of up to 30 m/s

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