Gas and Process Technology

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Spectroscopy and Process Analytics


Raman spectroscopy for hydrogen detection

Raman spectroscopy enables selective hydrogen detection without cross-sensivitivies.


Remote gas detection

Sensitive measuring technology for quantitative leak testing of gas infrastructure based on laser spectroscopy.


Quantifying gas

A spectroscopic gas analyzer to quantify regeneratively produced gases


Fast QCL-spectrometer for engine exhaust

Laser based spectroscopic exhaust gas analyzing systeme measure concentrations of gas compontents in the exhaust line.


Online process
monitoring of liquids

Analysing liquids by means of ATR spectroscopy.


Multi reflection gas measurement cells

Detection of low gas concentrations and analysis of complex gas mixtures.

Integrated Sensor Systems


Semiconductor gas

We develop miniaturized, low-power MOX gas sensors, from gas-sensitive material to methods of production.



Colorimetric gas sensors

Small, flexible and low-cost gas sensors reliably measure various gases.

Photoacoustic gas
measurement system

Selective measurements at low power consumption


Infrared emitter for gas sensors

Microstructured, modulated IR emitter.

Thermal Measurement Techniques and Systems


Thermal-electrical impedance spectroscopy

Thermal-electrical impedance spectroscopy for multi-parameter measurements of solids, liquids and gases



Highly sensitive, contactless temperature measurement with thermopiles based on novel thermoelectric materials


Thermal conductivity detector for H2 detection

This compact sensor detects H2 quickly and with a high degree of sensitivity. Thanks to MEMS technology, it uses very little energy.


High-temperature Hall measurement station

Material characterization at 900 K

Measuring with a touch

Evaluating material properties by touching with a µ-structured sensor.

Nonlinear Optics and Quantum Sensing


Breath analysis

Photothermal detection of trace gases in real time


Magnetic flow metering

A novel method for flow measurements using highly sensitive quantum sensors as detectors.



Quantum Fourier transform infrared spectrometer for highly performant mid-infrared spectroscopy.


frequency converters

Unique waveguides for unique applications


Tailor-made wavelengths

Nonlinear-optical frequency conversion for generating customer specific wavelenghts


Crystalline High-Q

A versatile platform for light generation and manipulation


Maskless poling of LN crystals

A maskless poling technique, which combines short turnaround times, full flexibility in poling-pattern design with high quality poling results.


Dual Frequency Comb Spectrocopy

High-performance spectroscopy for gas mixures in dynamic processes.



Nonlinear optical upconversion into the
very-near-infrared range



C-Wave, an optical parametric oscillator (OPOs), is characterized by its wide tunability and high emission power over the entire spectral range. C-Wave was developed by Fraunhofer IPM, the University of Freiburg and Hübner GmbH & Co KG

Optical Parametric

Continuous-wave, single-frequency lasers:
powerful tools for a wide range of


PCI spectrometer

Absorption spectroscopy of transparent optical materials

Caloric systems


Caloric Systems

Solid-state caloric heat pumps are regarded as an alternative to conventional cooling technology.


Magnetocaloric systems

Refrigerant-free technology for climate-friendly cooling systems of the future: Fraunhofer IPM develops magnetocaloric systems featuring high specific cooling power.


Elastocaloric Systems

Fraunhofer IPM develops elastocaloric cooling systems that are characterized by unprecedented long-term stability and high specific cooling power.  


Electrocaloric Systems

In our electrocaloric systems we integrate ceramic multilayer components into heatpipes for highly efficient heat transfer.


Permanent Magnet Systems

Permanent magnets have several advantages over electromagnets and might in future substitute expensive superconducting magnets. Fraunhofer IPM designs and builds permanent magnet systems to customers' needs.

Heat pipes and Peltier modules


Thermal management for electronics

Based on caloric systems, Peltier coolers and heat pipes, Fraunhofer IPM develops individual solutions for the cooling of electronic components.


Pulsating heat pipes

With pulsating heat pipes (PHP), many problems of heat dissipation may be effectively solved.


Switchable heat pipes

A new generation of thermal switches for temperature control without sensor technology or control engineering

Thermoelectric modules and systems




Thermoelectric waste heat recovery directly on the pipe


Peltier systems


Thermoelectric cooling and temperature control – efficient and with no need for harmful refrigerants


Measuring laboratory for Peltier modules

Determining the entire range of essential parameters of Peltier modules


Measuring laboratory thermoelectrics

Tailor-made measuring technology for thermoelectric modules of different designs and sizes.


Thermoelectric components and modules

Tailor-made thermoelectrical components and modules.


Half-Heusler modules

Thermoelectric high-temperature modules based on half-Heusler-alloys.

Systems for waste heat conversion


Hot air test stand

Measuring the efficiency of heat exchangers and systems for waste heat recovery.



Waste heat recovery with thermoelectric generators.

Measuring technology for materials and structural analysis


3D CT for electronic components and PCB

Material and component analysis by means of computer tomography


3D CT for additive or novel manufacturing methods

Material and component analysis by means of computer tomography – for additive manufacturing an other innovative manufacturing methos.


Measuring the thermal conductivity of thin films (TDTR)

The Time Domain Thermal Reflectance (TDTR) method provides an elegant, contactless means of measuring the thermal conductivity of thin films.