Gas and Process Technology

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Spectroscopy and Process Analytics


Fast QCL-spectrometer for engine exhaust

Laser based spectroscopic exhaust gas analyzing systeme measure concentrations of gas compontents in the exhaust line.


Rapid gas measurement

Detection of gas concentrations in gas mixtures via filter-based infrared spectroscopy.

Infrared spectoscopy for natural gas analysis

A measuring system for analyzing complex gas mixtures as an alternative to common gas chromatography.


Online process
monitoring of liquids

Analysing liquids by means of ATR spectroscopy.


Raman spectroscopy

Complete gas characterization with a single technique.

Multi reflection gas measurement cells

Detection of low gas concentrations and analysis of complex gas mixtures.

Measuring aerosol
particle distributions

From microorganisms to particulate matter.

Integrated Sensor Systems


Semiconductor gas

Using thin and thick film technology.


Colorimetric gas sensors

Small, flexible and low-cost gas sensors reliably measure various gases.

Photoacoustic gas
measurement system

Miniaturized photoacoustic gas measurement system with thermal emitter.


Infrared emitter for gas sensors

Microstructured, modulated IR emitter.

Networked sensor
systems for decentralized monitoring

»Sensor nodes« measure various parameters directly at the hazard point and communicate with each other.

Thermal Measurement Techniques and Systems



Microfluidic low cost calorimeters on flexible substrates for biological and chemical applications.

Measuring with a touch

Evaluating material properties by touching with a µ-structured sensor.

High-temperature Hall measurement station

Material characterization at 900 K

Nonlinear Optics and Quantum Sensing



Quantum Fourier transform infrared spectrometer for highly performant mid-infrared spectroscopy.


Tailor-made wavelengths

Nonlinear-optical frequency conversion for generating customer specific wavelenghts


Crystalline High-Q

A versatile platform for light generation and manipulation


Dual Frequency Comb Spectrocopy

High-performance spectroscopy for gas mixures in dynamic processes.



Nonlinear optical upconversion into the
very-near-infrared range



C-Wave, an optical parametric oscillator (OPOs), is characterized by its wide tunability and high emission power over the entire spectral range. C-Wave was developed by Fraunhofer IPM, the University of Freiburg and Hübner GmbH & Co KG

Optical Parametric

Continuous-wave, single-frequency lasers:
powerful tools for a wide range of


PCI spectrometer

Absorption spectroscopy of transparent optical materials