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Measuring Technology – organized in four Departments.

Fraunhofer IPM

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Developing optical systems and methods 100 percent quality control.

Department Production Control

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A surface area of several 100 sqm. can be measured, processed and visualized in less than ten minutes.

Detecting objects and shapes with the aid of light.

Department Object and Shape Detection

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In future, colorimetric fire gas detectors will identify fires at an early state by measuring carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

Revealing what normally remains concealed.

Department Gas and Process Technology

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Fraunhofer IPM has wide-ranging expertise in the field of thermoelectric materials, including a profound understanding of chalcogenides, silicides, skutterudites and half-Heusler alloys. On the basis of this knowledge, we manufacture thermoelectric modules in varying sizes and designs.

The material makes the difference.

Department Thermal Energy Converters

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Specialist knowledge at Fraunhofer IPM is organized in four departments and twelve groups, covering a broad spectrum of topics in the area of measuring technology, optical methods and system setup. Our customers benefit from the collective expertise of the entire Institute. The result are systems and solutions suitable for practical use.