Construction and smart city

So far, the construction industry has only made limited use of digitalization and industrialization, and only in isolated cases. Considering the sheer size of the construction sector, the enormous resource consumption and the resulting CO2 emissions, this is surprising. It also leaves a lot of potential for measurement technology that has been adapted to the construction sector: Optical sensors provide data for the continuous digitalization of construction planning, and thus for building information modeling (BIM).

Laser and camera-based 3D measurement technologies allow for largely automated capturing of physical infrastructure in high-resolution. The measurement data form the basis for digital building models for construction planning, construction progress monitoring and building maintenance. Digital models based on measurement data allow the highly accurate planning of construction measures and maintenance work. Digital models can also be used for the tailor-made prefabrication of building components, which not only saves time, but also material.


Large structures


Digital data helps with complex planning processes in urban spaces. We develop measuring systems that provide exact data for urban infrastructure.




We develop automated processes that transfer the measurement data of existing buildings or construction areas faster than ever before into a BIM-capable 3D model.




We develop semi-automated processes that can be used to quickly and efficiently convert analog 2D construction drawings into digital 3D models.