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Track & Trace: Marker-free tracing of mass-produced parts.

Production Control

Optical inline measurement technology for 100 percent production control

For production control, Fraunhofer IPM develops optical systems and imaging methods which can be used to analyze surfaces and 3D structures in production and to control processes. The systems measure fast and accurately so that small defects or impurities can be detected, even at high production speeds. This means that 100 percent production control in real-time is possible against the backdrop of the fourth industrial revolution.

A wide range of methods is used, including digital holography, infrared reflection spectroscopy and fluorescence methods, combined with fast, low-level image and data processing. The systems are used in applications such as forming technology in the automotive industry and for quality control in medical products.

Our 2D and 3D inline measuring systems supply high precision measurements in real-time and under hardest production conditions, for example for controlling sensitive production processes. This is achieved by a combination of optical measuring techniques with extremely fast data processing.  Our turnkey systems for surface analysis use fluorescence measurement techniques as well as infrared reflection spectroscopy and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy. In systems engineering Fraunhofer IPM relies on its long-standing experience in optical units, image recording and image processing.

We offer the following services relating to all aspects of production inspection

  • Prototyping and development of customized complete solutions
  • Commissioning and maintenance of the inline systems on-site
  • Technology transfer and training
  • Consultancy for and assessment of technology
  • Feasibility studies and suitability tests
  • Contract measurements and measurements at customers' premises
  • Workshops

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Teaching: University of Freiburg, Institute of Sustainable Systems Engineering INATECH

For Students

Dr Daniel Carl: Lecture on Optical metrology for quality assurance in sustainable production

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Joseph von Fraunhofer Award

A team around Alexander Bertz, Tobias  Beckmann und Markus Fratz received the Fraunhofer Award for the development of production-ready digital holography.


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