Spectroscopic methods can be used to examine solids, liquids and gases: light of a certain wavelength is reflected, scattered or emitted by a specimen. This takes place in a specific way, according to the chemical substance, thus permitting qualitative and quantitative information to be derived about the compound under investigation.

In the field of gas and process technology, Fraunhofer IPM uses a wide range of spectroscopic methods. In addition to laser spectroscopy, the expertise of the insitute also extends to many classic methods such as Fourier transform IR spectroscopy (FTIR), photometry, filter, UV and Raman spectroscopy and photoacoustics. Thanks to chemometrical evaluation methods, we gain a maximum of information from our measurement data.




Absorption spectra provide an optical fingerprint.


ATR spectroscopy


ATR measurement technology – from the lab straight to the process


Raman spectroscopy


Raman spectroscopy allows the reliable identification and quantification of chemical substances and mixtures.




We develop miniaturized PAS gas sensors – for example for indoor air monitoring.


Laser spectroscopy

Technical progress in the field of laser development opens up new fields of application for sensitive gas and liquid measurement.



Photothermal spectroscopy permits very sensitive detection of trace gases or residual absorption.