Gas and Process Technology

We develop compact, customized measurement systems

In its »Gas and Process Technology« business unit, Fraunhofer IPM develops and manufactures measuring and control systems to meet customer requirements. The main features of these systems are short measurement times, high precision and reliability, even under extreme conditions. The expertise in the business unit includes laser spectroscopic methods for gas analysis, energy-efficient gas sensors, particle measuring technology and thermal sensors and systems. The scope of applications is massive – it extends from flue gas analysis and food transport monitoring to sensors and systems for measuring very small temperature differentials.

For our miniature gas sensor systems, we combine sensor technology and electronics in compact, low cost microsystems. Functional gas sensitive materials and surfaces are developed for this purpose. Our spectroscopic systems for the detection and analyses of gases, liquids and solids use a number of different methods such as Raman or laser spectroscopy and Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR). In their work, our scientists rely on their extensive experience in exhaust gas, combustion gas and particle measuring technology. For measuring small temperature differentials or determining material parameters, such as thermal or electrical conductivity, we develop thermal sensors and systems made of various materials and on flexible substrates.

We offer the following services relating to gas and process technology

  • Development of components and custom systems including
    • Numerical simulation
    • Pilot run manufacturing
    • Technology transfer      
  • Support through commissioning, training and maintenance on site
  • Technology consultancy and feasibility studies
  • Contract measurements and material processing
    • Characterization of sensors and systems for gas measuring technology
    • Materials analysis and characterization
    • Coating and structuring in microsystem technology

News & Information


Fraunhofer lighthouse project QMag successfully completed / 23.1.2024

Quantum magnetometers detect smallest material defects at an early stage

As part of the QMag project, two teams at Fraunhofer IPM have successfully developed and employed optically pumpled magnetometers, OPM, for materials testing and for flow metering.  

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Fraunhofer lighthouse project »ElKaWe

Electrocaloric heat pumps

Six Fraunhofer Institutes are working on the development of efficient electrocaloric heat pumps for heating and cooling.



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