Surface analysis

Inspection of cleanliness and coating

Component surfaces are a key element in the quality of industrially manufactured products. Surface impurities can impair the function of components or lead to faults in the subsequent manufacturing processes. In food production plants, impurities lead to fouling – regular cleaning processes can be specifically adapted here on the basis of measurement data. Functional coatings on component surfaces must meet specific requirements in terms of thickness or composition in order to fulfill the desired function. Inspections of cleanliness and coatings therefore play an important role in industrial quality control.

Customized system for specific applications – in the laboratory or in the production line

Fraunhofer IPM develops measuring systems for the inspection and analysis of component surfaces. To this end, we use various laser- and camera-based methods, including fluorescence measurement technology, IR reflection spectroscopy and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy. Depending on the individual measurement task, we combine the various technologies and adapt the optics and lighting to achieve optimum measurement results. Our systems inspect components of different sizes and geometries – from body panels to strip metal and small components.

Sensitive, yet robust for the use in production

Measuring systems by Fraunhofer IPM can be used in the laboratory or in the production line – as stationary units or on robot arms. In accordance with the requirements, they inspect the cleanliness and coating of component surfaces completely, by imaging and with spatial resolution. Depending on the system, quantitative measurements, classification of particles or analysis of the element composition on the component surface are possible. Our systems measure layer thicknesses down to the nanometer range and detect contamination of just a few milligrams per square meter. At the same time, they are designed to be robust and perform measurements so quickly as to enable control of cleanliness and coating inspection directly during production.

Measuring systems for surface analysis by Fraunhofer are used wherever particularly reliable measurements are required – from automotive manufacturing to food production and medical technology.

Systems for surface analysis



Measuring surface cleanliness – inspecting coatings

The inspection system detects impurities or defects on surfaces directly in the production line.



Imaging inspection of cleanliness and coating

The imaging fluorescence laser scanners inspect surfaces directly in production or in the laboratory.


Inspect-360° F

100 percent coating and cleanliness inspection in free fall

The camera system captures object surfaces from different directions − in a single recording process.



Monitoring closed production facilities

The fiber-based sensor monitors cleaning-in-place (CIP) processes in food production.


Inline particle detector

Detecting particulate contamination

The particle detector identifies even the smallest particles on components and enables cleanliness to be monitored directly in the production line for the first time.


ANALIZEsingle / ANALIZEmulti

The measuring systems record the coating thickness and element composition on the component surface within milliseconds.



100 percent inspection of ultra-thin coatings

Ultra-thin coatings measured quickly, precisely and non-destructively – even on three-dimensionally shaped surfaces.


Stent Camera

Automatic inline stent inspection

The system enables one hundred percent inspection of shape, defects and coating quality.


Single molecule detection

Antenna assays: an alternative to PCR

Antenna-amplified single molecules can be identified with comparatively simple and inexpensive methods.