Geometry measurement

High-precision 3D inline measurement of components

Measuring three-dimensional surfaces with small 3D structures is a challenge for industrial measurement technology. Common optical procedures such as stripe reflection, laser triangulation or white-light interferometry are too imprecise, too slow or unreliable for many inline measuring tasks.

Digital multiwavelength holography for topography measurements down to the sub-micrometer range

Fraunhofer IPM relies on digital multiwavelength holography for contactless, high-precision and fast 3D inline inspection. It enables the topographical measurement of component surfaces with interferometric accuracy. Fraunhofer IPM has transferred holographic measurement technology from the laboratory to the production line: The HoloTop digital holographic measuring system uses digital multiwavelength holography for fast 3D inline inspection. HoloTop measures the topography of surfaces from the sub-micrometer to the millimeter range – and does so with unprecedented speed and robustness. The technology can be integrated into production plants or machine tools. Even complex geometries such as tooth flanks can be inspected with high precision and over the entire surface using digital holography.

Systems for geometry measurement



100 percent quality control

HoloTop measures the topography of surfaces so quickly and reliably that it can be used in inline quality control.


HoloTop NX

Measurement in the machine tool

The optical sensor enables micrometer-accurate quality control of precision components directly on multi-axis systems.



Optical gear measurement

The system captures gear flanks fast and with great precision, identifying geometrical deviations within seconds.