Gas and particle measurement

From gas analyzer to microsystem

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Liquid analysis

From impedance to Raman spectroscopy

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Nonlinear optical frequency conversion

Widely tunable laser light and fast IR detection

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Absorption spectroscopy of optical materials

Highly sensitive spectroscopy of residual absorption

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Development of materials and substrates using microsystems technology

Functional surfaces in thin-layer and thick-layer technology

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Simulation and algorithms

From concept to measurement system

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Expertise »Gas and Process Technology«

Your partner in terms of gas and process measurement technique

Fraunhofer IPM has been developing optical and sensory measurement systems for gas and process technology for more than 30 years. A broad scope of methods for gas analysis is part of the institute's repertoire. One technological focus is on laser spectroscopy, especially in the infrared spectral range. Energy efficient, miniaturized gas sensors and sensor systems are manufactured by applying state-of-the-art processes of thin-film and thick-film technologies. These technologies are also applied in the manufacturing of measurement probes for thermal process and materials characterization. During development, our scientists focus on robust, turnkey systems, always having the application in mind. These systems can be applied in exhaust gas analysis, food chain management, in leakage-measurement or in trace gas analysis, to give just a few examples.