Expertise »Gas and Process Technology«

Your partner in terms of gas and process measurement technique

Fraunhofer IPM has been developing optical and sensory measurement systems for gas and process technology for more than 30 years. The institute's repertoire encompasses all common methods of gas analysis. In spectroscopy, we cover the whole range of spectroscopic methods with a strong focus on laser spectroscopy, especially in the infrared spectral range. For spectroscopic applications, we develop customized light sources and detectors based on optical non-linear processes.

Energy efficient, miniaturized gas sensors and sensor systems, manufactured by applying state-of-the-art processes of thin-film and thick-film technologies, are another research focus. It is precisely these technologies that we also rely on in the development and manufacturing of measurement probes for thermal process and materials characterization.

The simulation of physical processes and the evaluation of measurement data play an increasingly important role in system development. We draw on many years of experience in the field of optical and thermal simulations as well as chemometric evaluation methods.




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