»We develop mobile laser scanners and cover the entire 3D data process chain.«

From robust systems for fast detection of the environment to intelligent fusion and interpretation algorithms.

Laser scanners for 3D data acquisition

We develop laser scanners for use on mobile platforms. The systems measure with high precision even under extremely harsh operating conditions – for example on rails.

Data fusion und positioning

Data processing is crucial when it comes to obtaining high-quality data from measurement data. Parameters such as the movement of the measuring platform or its geopositioning are incorporated into the data set and provide valuable additional information.

Automated Interpretation of 3D data

We develop »Deep Learning Frameworks« for an efficient evaluation of large amounts of data. The adaptive algorithms used in this context are based on artificial neural networks (ANN).

Object and Shape Detection

3D data acquisition and automated data interpretation

In the »Object and Shape Detection« business unit, systems are developed for 3D detection of the geometry and location of objects. As a rule, the detection takes place from moving platforms and extends over a wide distance range – from tenths of a millimeter to the 100-metre range. The focus is on the research and development of very fast and robust measuring systems based on time-of-flight measurement technology or camera systems.

The spectrum of our customized measuring systems ranges from highly complex multispectral laser scanners to smartphones as measuring devices, which we equip with specially developed software for this purpose.

When evaluating data, we take advantage of the opportunities offered by current groundbreaking developments in machine learning. This enables us to extract maximum information from measurement data and to gain new information from existing measurement results. Our turnkey systems consist of high-precision measuring devices with downstream automated data evaluation.

Our offer in the imaging object and shape detection includes

  • Development of tailor-made measuring systems
  • Software development along the entire 3D data process chain
  • Technology consulting and evaluation
  • Feasibility studies and aptitude tests
  • Contract measurements
  • Simulation of optics, electronics, mechanics and thermal distribution


Systems in operation

Examples of our developments are hand-held and industrially used measuring instruments from companies such as Bosch or Tessari. Our laser scanners are used by leading 3D measurement technology providers such as FARO, by Deutsche Bahn (DB), Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB) and ten other railway operators worldwide on three continents. The German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) uses our measuring systems as reference devices. These scanner systems are world leaders in terms of measurement speed and accuracy and are continuously being further developed using highly integrated and low-cost components from communication electronics.

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Building and construction surveying with laser scanning


Topics: Automated object recognition in 3D data, data aquisition from the air, multispectral sensor concept for tunnel inspection.

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Press Release, April 18, 2017

Professorship for »Monitoring of Large-Scale Structures«

Prof. Dr. Alexander Reiterer took up the professorship for »Inspection of Large-Scale Structures« at the Institute of Sustainable Systems Engineering INATECH at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Freiburg.

Key topics will be the long-term monitoring of artificial and natural objects with the aid of multi-sensor systems. It should provide information on environmentally induced changes on engineering works, dams, hillsides or large areas of vegetation and thus facilitate the detection of possible geohazards at an early stage.


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