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Fraunhofer IPM develops sensors specifically for the monitoring of food.

Food and chemical industry#

Smart sensors for more safety in food production, in the chemical industry or in fire protection

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Spectroscopic examinations of the breath provide non-invasive insights into the body.


Highly sensitive sensors for the detection of toxic gases or for breath analysis

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In the passenger compartment, excessive concentrations of certain harmful gases have a negative effect on the well-being and performance of the occupants. We develop measuring systems for monitoring air quality in and around automobiles.


Measuring techniques for human and environmental protection

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Sensors for measuring gas concentrations serve the safety and the protection of the environment.

Environment and energy#

More safety, less environmental impact – sensors for agriculture and industry

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In whispering gallery resonators, irradiated laser light is guided on a circular path by total reflection. Although they only have diameters in the (sub-)millimeter range, the circulating light can propagate effectively up to several kilometers.


Wavelengths made to measure

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Applications »Gas and Process Technology«

Innovative measuring techniques for individual measuring tasks#

Fraunhofer IPM develops and manufactures robust, turnkey measurement systems for the detection and analysis of gases, liquids and solids. The main features of these systems are short measurement times, high precision and reliability, even under extreme conditions. During development, our scientists always keep the customer's specific application in mind.

Our gas sensors and measuring systems are used in exhaust gas measurement technology as well as in food monitoring, leakage measurements, determination of the calorific value of gases or trace gas analysis – to give just a few examples. Our components and systems are also employed in scientific laboratories, for example for materials characterization or as powerful light sources for demanding measurement tasks.


Food and chemical






Environment and energy