Geometrical Inline Measurement Systems



3D inline measuring technology.

HoloTop NX

The optical sensor HoloTop NX measures the topography of component surfaces directly in the machine tool.



Optical gear measurement - fast, precise and comprehensive.



Highly sensitive testing of ferromagnetic materials – early damage and stress detection

Inline Vision Systems


Inspect-360° HR

High-resolution dimensional accuracy and texture testing in free fall


Inspect-360° MP

Multi-perspective dimensional accuracy and texture testing in free fall


Inspect 180°

Inline quality testing of large components: Multi-perspective dimensional accuracy and texture testing on the conveyor belt


Track & TraceFingerprint Inline

A novel concept for product traceability relies on the component's individual surface microstructure as marker.


Track & Trace Fingerprint Flex

Marker-free component traceability: a compact, battery-powered reading system designed for robust component identification on the production site


Track & Trace Fingerprint App

Marker-free component traceability: Quick and easy to use object identification via smartphone app


Track & Trace Fingerprint test stand

At the Track & Trace Fingerprint test stand, the constraints for inline component tracing can be simulated and examined with the aid of just a few dozen components.



Automated texture analysis at an extremely high-resolution and with a comparably large measurement field, even for complexly formed surfaces.


Wire HR

Automatic optical inspection of wire production.

Optical Surface Analytics


Inspect-360° F

The Inspect-360° F system detects cracks, impurities and coatings in free fall using fluorescence measurement.



Inline characterization of barrier layers



Fast, precise coating thickness measurement and element analysis



Analyzing coatings in three dimensions.


Inline Particle

The system detects single particulate impurities. Combining different imaging techniques, particles are detected directly on the component and classified.




Fiber-based sensor for the detection of fouling in closed vessels of the food processing industry



Inspection of surface cleanliness, lubrication and coatings – spatially resolved, fast, high-precision



F-Scanner 1D

Inspecting cleanliness and coatings in motion: Inline or robot-assisted 100-percent monitoring



F-Scanner 2D

Imaging inspection of cleanliness and coatings: 100-percent monitoring in the lab or in the line



F-Camera mini

Inline inspection of surface cleanliness and coatings



Measuring Surface Defects and Surface Cleanliness in High Resolution


Imaging oil film

A fluorescence scanner detects the thickness and homogeneity of oil films and dry lubricants on metal sheets during production.


Single molecule

For point-of-care diagnosis and genotyping of bacteria.



Imaging Inline Analytics beyond the visible spectral range