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Holographic 3D inline measurement in the machine tool
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Digital multi-wavelength holography for high-precision topographical measurements from the micrometer to the millimeter range

Annual report 2020/2021

Focus topics: Mobile particle measurement technology | Efficient vegetation management | Trace Gas analysis with frequency combs | magnetocaloric heat pipes

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3D Digital holography for manufacturing processes
© Tobias Beckmann/Fraunhofer IPM
Digital holography makes it possible to fully inspect precision turned parts with micrometer precision – in a matter of seconds and even under perturbations such as vibration.

»We measure
fast and precisely.«

Fraunhofer IPM develops tailor-made measuring techniques and systems for industry.

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Measuring | Monitoring | Optimizing

The Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM develops tailor-made measuring techniques and systems for industry. Many years of experience with optical technologies form the basis for high-tech solutions in the fields of production control, object and shape detection, gas and process technology as well as thermal energy converters.


Business Unit

Production Control

We analyze surfaces and 3D structures of components quickly and with micrometer precision. This means that 100 percent production control in real-time is possible.


Business Unit

Object and
Shape Detection

We detect the three-dimensional shape and position of objects and large structures at high speed and with high precision. Measurements are taken predominantly from moving platforms.


Business Unit

Gas and Process

We develop and manufacture measurement systems for gas and liquid analysis which feature high precision and reliability even under extreme conditions. The scope ranges from laser spectrometers for exhaust gas analysis to energy-efficient gas sensor for  food quality monitoring.


Business Unit

Thermal Energy

We manufacture and optimize materials with special physical properties. These materials form the basis for systems for magnetic cooling or thermoelectric energy harvesting.


Fraunhofer IPM awarded for development of AI tool that creates smart planning maps

Digital processes facilitate much more rapid and efficient planning and construction of urban infrastructure. Fraunhofer IPM has developed a tool which automatically interprets 3D environmental data using artificial intelligence methods to generate smart planning maps. Baden-Württemberg Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, has crowned the team of researchers “AI Champions Baden-Württemberg” for their innovative development.
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Digital holography in production

In the journal “Light: Advanced Manufacturing”, researchers at Fraunhofer IPM in Freiburg provide a current overview on the range of industrial applications of digital holography with multiple wavelengths. Digital holographic measurement systems differ from other optical sensors by virtue of their high measurement accuracy combined with short measurement times.
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Digitalizing processes for more energy-efficient production

Substantial CO₂ savings are still there to be made in industrial production. As part of the GUmProDig research project, Fraunhofer IPM and its partners are developing a quality control and component tracing system for formed light metal parts, which is intended to enhance energy-efficient production. The aim of the system is not only to reduce rejects and recalls, but also to allow comparatively low-energy forming technology to be used in fields where power-hungry machining has been the norm to date.
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Mark-free identification of logs

Timber is a valuable natural resource, which is why Fraunhofer IPM and its partners are developing a mark-free procedure for identifying logs and trunk sections. The aim of the DiGeBaSt project, which launched in April, is to be able to trace individual logs from when they are felled in the forest to when they are scanned in the sawmill. Unique structures on sawn surfaces are used to identify each log.
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Annual Report 2020/2021


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