Expertise »Object and Shape Detection«

Your partner in 3D measurement

Fraunhofer IPM covers the entire process chain of optical 3D object detection. From

  • Tailor-made high-end measuring systems for 3D data acquisition to
  • Installation and maintenance of the systems and
  • Software for the automated interpretation of 3D measurement data.

Our laser scanners, lighting and camera systems measure the 3D geometry of objects and large structures three-dimensionally with high precision. The majority of our systems are based on the principle of time-of-flight measurement. Combined with a scanning unit, they capture three-dimensional object geometries quickly and precisely from the centimeter to the 100-meter range. The eye-safe systems are robustly designed for use on mobile platforms such as measuring trains, vehicles for road surface measurement or UAV.

Our 3D measurement systems include software for data interpretation. For the efficient evaluation of 3D data, we increasingly rely on adaptive algorithms that enable automated interpretation of measurement data.

Expertise at a glance


3D data acquisition

For the acquisition of 3D data we use laser scanners and tailor-made lighting and camera systems.


  • Optical distance measurement
  • Intensity measurements
  • Image acquisition

3D data interpretation

For an automated segmentation of point clouds we use »Deep Learning Frameworks«, which work on the basis of artificial neural networks.


  • Signal processing
  • Geometrical data interpretation
  • Cognitive data interpretation

3D data visualization

We develop software for the efficient interactive display and simulation of 2D and 3D spatial measurement data.


  • Interactive data visualization
  • Creation of synthetic training data




Systems technology and integration

We develop tailor-made measuring systems for use in very harsh environments. The scope of services also includes installation and maintenance of the devices.


  • Systems engineering
  • Systems integration and servicing

Data evaluation

Part of high-performance measurement technology is an equally efficient data evaluation. We support you in developing strategies for handling multiple data streams − and generate maximum benefit from your measurement data.



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