Optical distance measurement

By far the most accurate distance measurement

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Intensity Measurements

For a photo-realistic representation of measurements

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Automated 3D data interpretation

Semantic segmentation of point clouds.

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Mobile laser scanning

3D profile via distance measurement

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Robust system technology

Precise measurements inspite of harsh environmental conditions

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Systems integration & servicing

Our services include systems development, installation and maintenance.

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Expertise »Object and Shape Detection«

Your partner in 3D measurement

Time-delay measurements of laser light is the method of choice in order to determine distances rapidly and precisely. This includes a range from few centimeters to several hundred meters. Fraunhofer IPM develops 3D laser scanners for the use on moving platforms, which detect objects at high speed three-dimensionally and with millimeter precision. Thanks to robust system technology, our systems operate safe and precisely, even under changing surrounding conditions, be it in the air, on rails or on the road. Specially developed software algorithms enable a 3D object detection and classification in real-time (Semantic data interpretation). We develop eye-safe 3D laser scanner of class 1 which can be used in public areas for measuring and monitoring objects.