Press releases

  • Starting research project MIAME / 2020

    Optical Coordinate Measuring System for Integration into the Production Line

    Press Release / September 01, 2020

    On July 28, Fraunhofer IPM and Fraunhofer IAF, together with the "Optical Systems" chair of the University of Freiburg, launched the MIAME project, in which they aim at developing the world's first optical coordinate measuring machine for the full-surface measurement of large objects on a meter scale. The system will be used to measure components in the production line quickly and with accuracies in the sub-micrometer range.

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  • Start of the »NEXT.TrenchLog« project in cooperation with Bayernwerk Netz GmbH / 2020

    Digitization in the building pit: Georeferenced survey data via app

    Press Release / July 08, 2020

    Project NEXT.TrenchLOG: Digitization in the building pit: Georeferenced survey data via app
    © Uwe Moosburger, altrofoto/ Bayernwerk

    In most cases, network infrastructure operators still use analog methods to keep records where cables have been laid and lines have been drawn in the ground. This manual process is time-consuming and requires a lot of experience. Fraunhofer IPM has recently launched the »NEXT.TrenchLog« project in cooperation with Bayernwerk Netz GmbH, developing a digital solution for the documentation of underground infrastructure: Using artificial intelligence, the system automatically generates georeferenced 3D data of the components.

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  • Increasing resilience by monitoring critical infrastructure / 2020

    Multi-sensor system for the precise and efficient inspection of roads, railways and similar assets

    Press release / July 01, 2020

    Multispectral laser scanner for inspecting construction works
    © Fraunhofer IPM

    Critical infrastructure such as transport networks are the lifelines of modern society. Extreme weather events may cause damage to railway tracks, roads, tunnels and bridges. The Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM has developed a novel 3D laser scanner that can be used to closely monitor transport infrastructure and plan maintenance work in a timely manner. The multispectral sensor system measures surface structures as well as the surface moisture on objects, all in a single inspection process.

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  • LUXOR research project gets underway / 2020

    Laser scanners to aid in detecting explosive ordnance on the seabed

    Press Release / March 11, 2020

    World War II left its mark on the seas, with around 1.6 million tons of ammunition and explosive ordnance from this period remaining in German marine waters alone. As part of the LUXOR research project, Fraunhofer IPM is teaming up with international research partners to develop an automated, digital system that will facilitate the identification of explosive ordnance on the seabed and improve the safety and efficiency of its removal.

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  • Fraunhofer research project gets underway / 2019

    Fraunhofer starts development of refrigerant-free, energy-efficient electrocaloric heat pumps

    Presseinformation / December 04, 2019

    Electrocaloric heat pumps
    © Fraunhofer IPM

    Heat pumps play a decisive role in the energy transition: Sustainably generated electricity provides heat in winter and a good climate in summer. Nowadays, heat pumps work almost exclusively on the basis of compressor technology. Compressors require harmful refrigerants, the use of which will be restricted even more by law in the future. In the Fraunhofer ElKaWe lighthouse project, six Fraunhofer Institutes are developing highly efficient electrocaloric heat pumps, which do without harmful refrigerants.

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  • MESAS measuring vehicle for road monitoring
    © BASt

    The Pavement Profile Scanner PPS-Plus from Fraunhofer IPM is part of the latest measuring vehicle MESAS of the Federal Highway Research Institute BASt. The research vehicle records the condition of road surfaces and the substance of the asphalt surface and thus provides the basis for optimum maintenance planning. During test runs, MESAS has already successfully measured more than 11,000 kilometers of the federal trunk road network. Now regular operation starts.

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  • Progress for climate protection / 2019

    A cooling system without harmful refrigerants

    Press Release / August 06, 2019

    © Fraunhofer IPM

    A discovery from 1917 becomes viable for the future. A team of researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM is developing efficient magnetocaloric cooling systems that make do without harmful refrigerants. The esearchers hope to achieve 50 percent of the maximum efficiency level with their process. Comparable existing magnetocaloric systems reach only approximately 30 percent.

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  • Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize / 2019

    Planning infrastructure faster thanks to machine learning

    Press Release / May 09, 2019

    © Fraunhofer/Ines Escherich

    Secure, stable and fast data transmission requires an area-wide network of fiber optic cables. But where is the best place to put the cable ducts? Finding the optimal cable route is enormously complex and time-consuming. A Team led by Prof. Dr. Alexander Reiterer, Dominik Störk and Dr. Katharina Wäschle from the Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM has developed a novel process chain based on machine learning that solves this issue. For this, the three mentioned scientists are awarded the Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize.

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  • Track & Trace FINGERPRINT / 2019

    Fraunhofer IPM wins Innovation Challenge

    Press Release / January 09, 2019

    Fraunhofer IPM gewinnt bei SmartSteel Innovation Challenge
    © Jenny Korhonen/FindIT

    Fraunhofer IPM was able to prevail against global competition as one of the two winners at the Swedish SmartSteel Innovation Challenge. The competition looked for processes for label-free tracing of steel products. By the end of last year, 26 teams from all over the world had placed themselves to this task. Fraunhofer IPM convinced the jury with »Track & Trace FINGERPRINT«, a method for label-free tracing.

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  • Tunnel inspection 4.0: Multisensor system for condition monitoring
    © Amberg Technologies AG

    In the future, a compact multisensor system should provide precise and objective measurement data of tunnel constructions. The system will collect data on geometry, surface structure and water inlet in tunnels in a single measuring procedure and will provide the measurement data in digital format, compliant with BIM. The German AKG company group, Amberg Technologies AG from Switzerland and Elaborarium SL from Spain are working with Fraunhofer IPM as research partner in a joint project for the integrated inspections process for which a novel multisensor system will be developed.

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