Object and Shape Detection

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Mobile Laser Scanning Systems: Reference List

Reference list of customers worldwide using Fraunhofer IPM mobile laser scanner for the 3D measurement of the condition of rail and road infrastructure.

Clearance Profile Scanner CPS

Laser scanner for the measurement of the clearance profile of railroads.

High Speed Profiler HSP

Laser scanner for the measurement of the clearance profile of railroads at high speed.

Rail Track Scanner RTS

Exact rail gauging by laser.

Contact Wire Inspection System CIS

Multisensor system for simultaneous recording of vertical and horizontal position of contact wires, wire wear and position of poles.


Contact Wire Recording System CRS

System for detecting the position of contact wires at speeds up to 350 km/h.

Wire Wear Monitoring System WWS

Optical system for the measurement of catenary systems at high speed.

Laser Pole Detection System LPS

The laser pole detection system LPS detects and counts poles precisely along the track.

Sector Profile Scanner SPS

Optical system for measuring the geometry of passing trains.

Pavement Profile Scanner PPS / PPS-Plus

Laser scanner for the 3D measurement of road surfaces.


Lightweight Airborne Profiler LAP

Fast, efficient 3D detection via UAV


Automated interpretation of 3D data

Artificial neural networks (ANN) automate the interpretation of 3D camera and scanner data.